Remedies Consulting and Execution Services

We are dedicated to improving human health and commercial profitability by assisting clients rapidly identify cost-effective solutions to micro-organic challenges with innovative ClO₂ products and services.

  • Business Strategy and Strategic Program Execution
  • Compliance (EPA, DOT, FDA, FTC)
  • Sales & Marketing Engagements
  • Product & Application Development and Implementation
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Micro-organic contamination kills more people and causes more agricultural and industrial loses than all other sources, combined.

Bio-Security is humanities only defense against mico-organic contamination.


ClO₂ has a better performance capability than nearly all alternative chemicals, but not ONE chlorine dioxide format solution is a perfect cost, usage or regulatory fit for every situation.
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The Remedies Process

Remedies assists commercial, agricultural, humanitarian & small business clients rapidly determine which ClO₂ solution is best suited to their challenge, channel and budget.

Selecting the appropriate ClO₂ product, format & protocol is essential. Understanding the risks, unseen costs and regulatory compliances is just as critical.

Receiving quick, inexpensive, cogent, unbiased information allows everyone involved to rapidly assess opportunities, feasibilities, timeframes and costs.

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Engagement Roles

Remedies provides leadership and a confidential execution structure, tools and technology platforms where industry experts, entrepreneurs and users in global business, agricultural and humanitarian sectors can rapidly partner to SOLVE WIDE-SPECTRUM MICROBIAL CHALLENGES.
Philosophy & Positioning

Philosophy & Positioning

CLO2 Remedies is a champion for the wide-spread adoption of chlorine dioxide solutions to combat global water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.  We specialize in small scale, in-place genration. WE ARE FORMAT AGNOSTIC.

CLO₂ Remedies works with numerous chlorine dioxide products, as there is not ONE chlorine dioxide format that is a perfect cost, usage or regulatory fit for every situation. Remedies represents and resells competitor chlorine dioxide products, including its own ClO₂ Tablet Solution (Reset Pure CLO₂).

When best of breed ClO₂ purveyors and market participants play effectively together, it simply translates into better customer solutions and more market opportunities for all involved.

Business Workshop And Training Facility

ClO₂ Remedies expert business facilitation, creative workshop and team building space allows business owners and their key people to rapidly and critically break down business problems and opportunities into cost effective, actionable and prioritized items; all in a low cost, elegantly relaxed, convenient location.

All Remedies engagements are customizable and can be configured to meet the exact needs and budgets of both large and small commercial and not-for-profit organizations.

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