Recreational Vehicle

Using ClO₂ In Recreational Vehicles

eco friendly iconChlorine dioxide (ClO₂) safely removes bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, algae, fungus, smoke and all other organic & chemical contaminations and resistant odors from: cabin interiors, upholsteries, clothing, uniforms, kitchen surfaces, heads, bunks, baby/kids equipment, camping equipment, coolers, refrigerators, water craft, scuba & surf equipment, tank & line systems.

Non-Staining. No Fragrance. No VOC’s. No Residuals. No Rinsing/No Wiping Required.

recreational vehicle

STEP 1: Disinfect and Deodorize Impacted Surfaces with ClO₂ Liquid

Apply chlorine dioxide 100 ppm or 500 ppm liquid into the atmosphere and onto all porous & non-porous surfaces with a mop, sponge, pump sprayer or non-thermal fogger.

STEP 2: Disinfect and Deodorize Environment & Its Contents with ClO₂ Vapor

3 to 24 hours treatment time depending on severity of issue

Create a confined space. Follow vapor activation instructions.

Open hatches to air-out CLO₂ from the confined space before reoccupying.

STEP 3: Sanitize Tanks & Lines

marine and rv water tanks

Generate a 50 ppm chlorine dioxide solution that fills 20% of the tank & line system. Let sit 30 minutes and flush.

For more aggressive issues, leave solution in tank for 24 hours. Follow product labels ClO₂ tank & line activation instructions.

Tank & Line Generation Table
Total Tank CapacityTablet Grams Required
5-10 Gallon4 grams
10-20 Gallon8 grams
55 Gallon20 grams
110 Gallon40 grams
240 Gallon80 grams

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