Remedies ClO₂ Solutions

CLO₂ Remedies works with numerous chlorine dioxide products and formats, as there is not ONE chlorine dioxide format that is a perfect cost, usage or regulatory fit for every situation. Remedies represents and resells competitor chlorine dioxide products, including its own ClO₂ Tablet Solution (Reset Pure CLO₂).

When best of breed ClO₂ purveyors and market participants play effectively together, it simply translates into better customer solutions and more market opportunities for all involved.

CLO2 tablets

Reset ClO₂ Products

Green Pak

Reset Chlorine Dioxide tablets
16 grams
(4) 4g tablets

Red Pak

Reset Chlorine Dioxide tablets
100 grams
(5) 20g tablets

Purple Pak

Reset Chlorine Dioxide tablets
200 grams
(2) 100g tablets

Black Pak

Reset Chlorine Dioxide tablets
500 grams
(1) A&B components

Reset ClO₂ is not marketed or sold as a biocide in the U.S.A.

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Become a Reset ClO₂ Distributor. Reset owes much of its growth to developing long term, mutually profitable business relationships with its distributors. (Note: links to the Reset Chlorine Dioxide distributor site.)