ClO₂ Liquid Overview

ClO₂ Liquid Activation

Chlorine Dioxide works as it dries, so surfaces and atmospheres only need to be lightly wetted for ClO₂ to be effective.

Step 1


Always clean off any visible dirt & organic matter before treating the desired surface of material.

Step 2

Determine Desired Liquid Concentration Level

Use Deodorization Level to reset to neutral any environment from wide-spectrum pungent and resistant odors.

Use a High (H) Mold and Smoke Removal Level to neutralize any environment from wide-spectrum pungent and resistant odors.

Step 3

Liquid Activation 10 minutes

Fill desired & corresponding opaque container with tap water. Drop the appropriate tablet into the water to generate your desired concentration.

Dilute or strengthen solution to 500ppm (H), 100ppm (M) level or other, per product instructions. Put cap on container. Wait 10 minutes for the product to mix and generate properly.

Step 4

Liquid Application Treatment

Apply directly to the atmosphere, surfaces, clothing, uniforms, furniture, upholstery & materials requiring treatment.

Use on targeted porous and non porous surfaces with a mop, sponge, pump sprayer or non-thermal fogger.


Step 5

NOTE: We recommend using a high level (H) liquid solution when using foggers as nearly 50% concentration potency is lost with mechanical friction. Electrostatic sprayers are ideal.

STORAGE: ClO₂ must be generated and stored in capped containers. Store ClO₂ solutions away from direct sun light, in a cool dry place. The solution will maintain full strength for up to 4-12 weeks in these ideal storage conditions. Once (M) and (H) solution is clear, it is not active and must be replaced. Verify with ClO₂ Test Strips.

MATERIALS: CLO2 application usage solutions are known to be safe on tile, marble, stone, steel, plastics, rubber, vinyl, fabrics and wood. Always test the product in a small non-visible section to ensure that there are no unintended consequences due to the particulars of your environment or material.

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